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Master the Art of Structuring Your Business from Scratch or Reinventing it for Success

Turn Your Vision into Entrepreneurial Reality!

Master the Art of Structuring Your Business from Scratch or Reinventing it for Success

Turn Your Vision into Entrepreneurial Reality!

About the training

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the business world or need to redefine your current strategy, our free course provides the essential tools to structure and boost your business through four crucial phases. Break down your competition, create an effective strategy, develop innovative marketing campaigns, and optimize your work to achieve your business goals.
Categories: Digital Marketing
Duration: 12 hours of classes
Resource: 10 downloadable resources

What You'll Learn

  • Breaking Down Your Competition: How to Conduct Effective Market Analysis
  • Outlining Strategy and Defining Budget
  • Creative Marketing Strategy
  • Reviewing and Optimizing Work

Who Should Join?

If you’re venturing into the business world and aspire to build your business from the ground up, this course is your gateway to success. You’ll acquire the practical skills to transform your vision into a thriving business reality.
Business Owners
If you already have a business but are looking to reinvent your current strategy for better results, this course will provide you with the tools and strategies to do so effectively.
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Interested in entrepreneurship but unsure where to start? Join us to learn the basics and discover how to turn your ideas into profitable opportunities. This course will give you the foundation to monetize your knowledge and entrepreneurial aspirations.


Mandre Lascurain

CEO of Creative Pear Agency

Dive into digital marketing with Mandre Lascurain, CEO and founder of Creative Pear Agency. After more than five years working in agencies, Mandre boldly decided to chart her path, establishing Creative Pear Agency in the market with a unique focus and unwavering passion for her client’s Success.

With a consolidated track record, Creative Pear Agency has amassed many successful case studies, providing creative and practical solutions to clients in various market niches. Mandre has personally led the strategy and execution of projects that have grown and prospered numerous brands.

In addition to her entrepreneurial experience, Mandre has founded and led several brands, including Arya Border Collies and Bark Runner. Her ability to identify opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and execute effective campaigns has made her an influential entrepreneur.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Mandre offers technical knowledge and invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in today’s market. She has shared her wisdom and counseled thousands of entrepreneurs, guiding them to Success and helping them achieve their business goals.

Join Mandre Lascurain on this exciting journey to business success and discover how you can take your business to the next level!

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