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Case Study

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LARM, a global mobility and relocation management leader, contacted us to enhance and update their corporate website. They aimed to reach their target audience more effectively and have users access all the necessary information efficiently.

Additionally, the site needed to be made responsive and the overall functionality of the website optimized.

What Was The Problem

One of the most significant problems with LARM’s previous website was that it was outdated. The original site was developed over a decade ago, lacking in many technical aspects. Plus, the design and layouts were obsolete and uninviting.

In addition, the website didn’t offer a suitable user experience, and the company could not control the back-end, making it impossible for them to make changes and maintain the site properly.



How We Fixed It

We wanted to focus on developing a functional website that was easy to navigate and presented the information concisely with an inviting and attractive design. We also wanted to facilitate communication between the company and prospective clients to boost leads.


Curated images and selected the ones that would convey the brand’s fresh and lavish mood.

Re-designed infographics and graphics to match the new look.

A brand new color palette and typefaces to achieve a more modern and feminine look and feel.


We updated all of the website elements to ensure that they worked properly and served their intended purpose.

The website was also optimized for use on mobile devices, making it easily accessible from any device. Additionally, we created an adjustable back-end with plug-ins and widgets to give LARM control over the site and enable easier management.

UX Design

We prioritized an excellent user experience by restructuring the webpage to focus on the user.

This included revamping the design, adding high-quality visuals, adjusting text layouts, introducing new navigation features, and creating concise inner pages.

UX Design

We adopted a modern minimalistic design based on the existing branding and worked with the client to further develop this idea, using a five-color palette, two fonts, high-resolution images, and iconic LARM “links”.

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